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Software product Call Office - a computer program that allows you to automatically organize an unlimited number of subscribers of telephone calls, perform sending SMS, handle incoming calls and SMS. For this purpose, the program can use Device Ip-telephony (SIP-gateway), SMS-services, GSM-modem, or a voice modems.

Frequently asked questions
General questions
Registration the program
Questions to data access
Questions of the devices
Creating and changing a configuration
Playing back messages
Questions payment
Command-line options
License agreement
The analog voice modems
Automatic calls on the list
Receive calls answering machine
Sending SMS
Receive SMS
Make phone calls with the switching on of the operator
Telephone calls to the processing of DTMF signals

Key features

  • Transmission of voice messages to a large number of subscribers (telephone calls in the list);
  • Intelligent processing of incoming calls (answering machine);
  • Sending SMS in the list;
  • Process incoming SMS - create SMS services of any complexity;
  • Control algorithm of the script, using the key telephone (DTMF signals) - the creation of a voice menu of any complexity;
  • Caller ID and Caller Abonet numbers of incoming SMS;
  • Use of the program from the usual applications you use;
  • Create complex scenarios of interaction with the person on through your favorite programming language;
  • Record voice messages in a database or a standard audio file;
  • Synthesis of voice messages for text strings (requires voice machine (TTS Engine));
  • Hardware and software voice recognition call is answered;
  • Interact with almost any enterprise information system;
  • Simultaneous nekolko independent devices;
  • Dynamic creation of messages according to user-defined conditions, and the information contained in the database;
  • Storing the result of a call to the database with the date, time and call the result (passed / not passed a message).

Software and Hardware requirements

  • OS: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 2003, Windows 7;
  • Approximately 8 Mb of disk space, excluding the size of the database;
  • The data of any kind - text files, documents Excel, Access databases, Oracle, MS SQL, FoxPro, etc.;
  • Voice messages: standard uncompressed PCM format wav-files;
  • For the synthesis of voice messages need to install additional software - voice machine (TTS Engine);
Other languages:
English • ‎русский