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Read the terms of this License Agreement before using the Software. Your installation and use of this program means that you understand the provisions of this License Agreement and agree with them. If you do not agree with this License Agreement, you must delete the files of the Software from your information storage devices and stop using it.

All copyrights to the Software belong only to their Author, the company Wentor LLC. All rights not stipulated herein are expressly reserved by Wentor LLC.

The Author reserves the right to revoke this license for any subsequent versions of the program.

The copyrights specified in this agreement apply to all the files included in the Software package supplied, including sound files and JavaScript files.

Establishing paid services of any type on the basis of the Software is prohibited without concluding a special agreement with the Author.


Testing and Registration

This Software is not free of charge. You are allowed the right to unpaid use of the limited version of the Software for a period of 30 days, only to assess its suitability for your needs. If you decide to use the Software without restrictions to its functions for an unlimited time, you need to acquire a License. Details on acquiring a License are described on our site, After acquiring the License you will receive a license key that will allow you to use the Software on one computer without restrictions in functionality. If you need to use the Software on several computers, you must acquire the corresponding number of licenses.

The registered user (User) pledges to not share the License (the license key) — that is, not to pass it on to third parties for subsequent use. Sharing is understood here to mean replicating or providing access for third parties to components of the License reproduced in any form, including by networks and other means, as well as through their sale, rental, relinquishment, or lending. Creating one or several backup copies of the Software is allowed, only for purposes of security or archiving. It is not permitted to transfer the License without special permission for doing so.

In the event of discovery that a license has been misused, it may be revoked.

Using an unregistered copy of the Software after the 30-day evaluation period, as well as with license keys obtained from someone other than the Author or its officially authorized representatives, is a copyright infringement.


The Software is provided on an "as is" basis. No warranties, express or implied, are applied or provided. The developer and marketer of the Software does not guarantee that the software is error-free, that the Software will work with any equipment (including recommended), nor that the Software will meet the requirements, expectations, goals, or be suitable to the tasks of the User.

The developer and marketer of the Software is not liable for direct or indirect damage caused in connection with the use or inability to use the Software, including for any consequences that may arise due to possible errors in the program's operation.

Liability for possible losses incurred for any reason by you or by a third party cannot exceed the price you paid for the Software License if the use of it or inability to use it has caused actual damage or is the subject of a lawsuit. The Author and marketer is not liable for any loss of data, profits, savings, nor for the disruption of hardware, networks, or other consequences or accidents (even if the author is informed about such a possibility), nor for claims brought by you on the basis of claims from a third party.

Before purchasing, you should thoroughly test the suitability and reliability of the Software in your circumstances.

Distribution of Test Version

You can make any number of copies of the test version of the Software and distribute it without restriction. In doing so, you must leave the original files of the Software unchanged. You cannot demand payment for distributing this Software. Also, you cannot include this Software as a part of any other software without the author's written permission.

Owners of websites and compilers of shareware collections are authorized to place on their media the unmodified original test version of the Software without consulting the Author.

License Term

This agreement is valid as long as you use the Software and/or distribute its unregistered version in accordance with the terms of this agreement. In any case, the License is voided in the event of a breach of this License Agreement. Upon termination of the License, the User pledges to delete all copies of the registered and/or unregistered version of the Software. The limitations on warranties and liability set forth in (the further sections of) this agreement shall continue in force even after the expiration of the License.

Other Limitations

You are not allowed to use, copy, emulate, create new versions, rent, lease, sell, decompile, modify, disassemble, divide into parts, examine the code of the program by other means, use keys obtained from someone other than the authors or their officially authorized representatives, or transfer the registered program or any of its components, except as determined by this license agreement. Any such illegal use shall result in the automatic and immediate termination of this agreement, and may be prosecuted by law.